This page is going to show you just SOME of the resources that we have developed the enhance our in class curriculums

    It's a commonly understood Theorem that in learning you will remember a certain percentage of what you see, a certain         percentage of what you hear a slightly greater percentage of the information you read, and a MUCH greater percentage
    when you start combining all these learning styles.

    Obviously the MOST effective tool we have in our toolkit is a face to face in class learning session; however, we understand
    this may not always be the ideal situation for you. Therefore we offer the following:

        RESBK1: Remote Control Management: Trade Paperback
            This is the book that started it ALL. This is the culmination of over 30 years of experience in cultivating and raising
          teams as well as individuals to the point where YOUR business seems to be on complete "Remote Control" At almost
          200pgs we can state with confidence that if applied properly, you will see TREMENDOUS results in your teams and
          the MINIMIZED conflict and maximized output that they will produce for you and your company! - $24.95 6/10

                                    RESBK2: Remote Control Career: Trade Paperback
I would be remiss if suggested to ANYONE that RC Management is the be all do all for every situation.
                                        However I will say with complete confidence, that when combined with the information in Remote Control
                                        Career, you AND your teams will easily and simply implement the maximum number of programs available
                                        to maximize your return on investment and the training dollars invested in your teams! - $24.95 7/10

RESMK1: Remote Control Business Kit
If your schedule or proximity just will NOT allow you to attend one of our Intensity Trainings or Multi-day
                                        boot camps, we understand. After all, your business isn't ON remote control yet! By starting with our Business kit
                                        you will find over 100 pages of material worksheets as well as 4 complete CD's of oral presentations that have helped
                                        make the Remote Control system what it is today. - $197 +s/h

                                    HIT1: High Intensity Training Module 1
These High intensity no nonsense classes have been designed to allow you to come face to face with our trainers and
                                        learn exactly what is at the core of our programs. These will allow you to determine what other modules and classes
                                        would be right for YOUR business. Typically 90 - 120 minutes in length, the topics rotate and our summer sessions
                                        will be developed to generate the MAXIMUM number of cash flow concepts for you while developing other ideas
                                        based on the skill-sets you already possess.

                                    RESHC1: Half Day Training Module 1
Our half day trainings will give you the introduction YOU need to the core of the Remote Control System and what
                                        makes it the absolute BEST team and resources management tool set ever developed. These sessions will require
                                        the utmost of your attention and focus you with laser intensity on accomplishing certain tasks before you leave that
                                        session! These Training sessions may be done on our site or developed strictly for yours!