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  HIT1 - High Intensity Training Module 1
Beginning June of this year The team from true North will be debuting a series of High Intensity Training Modules Specifically aimed at helping certain specialists to do more with what they already have,as well as develop an additional stream of income based  on talents that are already contained! Focus on Toastmasters and Small Business Owners

BOOK: Remote Control Management
    If you could place your team on "remote control" where you were 100% confident that their actions and solutions would reflect everything that you have taught them, WITHOUT your daily interference, is that something that would interest you?
Remote Control Management

    If you KNEW that your customers were gaining 100% of the knowledge and customer care that you PERSONALLY would offer them, would THAT interest you?

Remote Control Management

    If you could hand pick your team and know for certainty that they would be working at their PEAK performance level every minute they were working, would THAT interest you?

Remote Control Management

Coming Soon:

BOOK: Military in Management, How close are they?

     Based on the Highly successful presentation series of the same name. The Trainers at True North will be demonstrating a DIRECT line between modern management methods and the Leadership Training Methods used by today's US Military.

    Many LIVE Presentations have also included a copy of this book and its material.

BOOK: Remote Control Career

    Are you in the job that you have always dreamed of?
    Or, like most folks, are you merely putting in 40 hours
    a week, 50 weeks  a year, because you NEED to?

    This book will help you address exactly these situations
    and others, to find what it is that you DO love.

    Or to create a PASSION for what you are currently  
    involved in.

    We take you from the very basics of
     "What kind of employee are you?"

    All the way to,
    "How to leave where you are and move to where
     you want to be."

    If you have EVER considered investing your time and your money in starting a business of your own,
READ this book before you start!

    If you currently have employees and you KNOW that you are NOT getting 40 hours of WORK from them each week Read this book before you do ANYTHING else!

    If you want to develop you're Team Leads into Leaders of their TEAMS rather than a higher paid
hourly worker. READ this book NOW!

        - No Matter where you are, or what youre doing, the information contained in these pages will help you do it, better faster and with MORE PASSION than you ever thought possible!

Attend our 4 hour class and receive a discount on this book and it's companions!

BOOK: Now What?
You or your students are entering their final year of High School How can YOU best prepare them to maintain their belief system that you have instilled in them

    If you are a parent, Grand Parent or God Parent, You NEED this book! As children grow and learn they become increasingly influenced by their surroundings. As they move towards college and start spending more time with others than with you,  where do you think that they will be getting THEIR moral direction from?

    This book has answers to questions that most parents don't even KNOW to ask, but NEED to.

    Grandma was right, if you lay down with dogs you WILL get fleas.
    Who will YOUR kids be following as they enter their years of
     "higher learning?"

The above is a small listing of 'events' that we have celebrated here at TNT, there are many more available and many more coming. IF you have specific questions please feel free to drop us a line at: