Training The Person not just the company!
Team Driven Training

     Our Program will give you the tools in order to move your team ahead to the point where they will EXCEED your client’s expectations in every point of contact. Let us guide you through the process of allowing each and every member of your team to become the very best at what they do.

    In some instances administrators believe that only THEIR leadership team can benefit from training like what we offer. In fact we have developed a set of tools for everyone regardless of where on your corporate ladder they may find themselves. Remember a positive experience is something that your clients deserve at every contact point in your companies process.

    One of the major decision points in our training process comes before you ever enter the classroom. During our initial interview we will determine whether your most important priority is to generate new business or cultivate more income opportunites from your existing client base. In sales most folks think the only way to increase the bottom line is to sell to more customers. Instead, perhaps they should become a subject matter expert on a single item to solve a single issue, and then come back season after season with a new solution to an existing problem time and time again.

     Your staff has years of experience, some have been trained in some of the finest schools in the country. They may have gone to seminars and learned about their field of expertise in ways most people would never dream of understanding

     Yet the key elements of creating business are NOT being taught!

     You can create new business on the phone. But is that the BEST method for your particular industry? You may go through your entire training budget for a YEAR and not find another program that will walk your team through creating the tools they need to have the confidence REQUIRED to make that first contact properly.

    Connecting with the client. Many professionals know how to promote their own business, what they are missing is how to become someone their client can trust and believe in, certainly not within the 3 – 5 minutes they have their attention. The greatest presentation on the worlds BEST product will fail if it does NOT address the client at the point that they relate! Professionals will often mis read the client or worse, use what’s worked on their LAST sale and completely AVOID the opportunity to connect with their prospect.

    Regenerate yourself EVERYTIME!. The key to generating NEW business that will introduce you to pre-qualified referrals is to service them with what’s important to THEM. Not what worked for YOU the last five sales. Meet your customers where they live and they will make sure that YOU live very well indeed!

Self-Starters. - This is the most OVER used phrase in sales employment ads, but that’s because its not just a good idea, but it’s a requirement! Professionals need to understand how to create self-motivation. Professionals  require self discipline and personal initiative. True North educates your team on their most important weapon, THEMSELVES! By becoming a student of themselves, they will understand her/his unique needs, communication and decision making styles and be able to convert this information into spectacular, long term success!

    A choice of our customized, Results Driven Sales Training Systems.

    Assessments that deliver targeted, relevant training for each participant.

    Live, on-site application of material.

    Unmatched implementation and reinforcement programs.

    Effective, Experienced Trainers

    Your team of professionals will be personally coached to make REAL prospecting calls DURING the training. These calls usually generate more new business than most organizations have produced in months, thereby insuring your RETURN on your INVESTMENT!

    Results Driven Sales Training works to eliminate the fear of prospecting in your sales force by teaching the principles of sales training and providing ON-SITE APPLICATION of the material.

    We will train and assist your sales team in getting appointments with key decision makers.

    Sales professionals will be IGNITED for LONG TERM results.

    Let us implement our Turn-Key system to increase your

    Productivity and Profitability.

 Step 1 – Find a NEED – two sessions

    Your customers  will LISTEN to you, and EVALUATE your presentation and BUY your products based on how well you are able to FIND THEIR NEED. This step includes:

 Section 101- Find Your Way – Most business owners are ALREADY busy, if their day isn’t full you don’t want to talk to them. But you MUST understand and make the most of the FIRST 90 second’s in their presence. After THAT, they will give you all the time you need. Our initial class helps your team develop the “Elevator Speech” that will get the customers attention and KEEP their business. We discuss the desires of the 4 prime personality styles and how YOUR understanding of them will allow you to customize your programs to their needs.

  Section 102- Integrating to their behavior – You know their personality, you know what their most aggressive issue is and now you’ll find out how YOU can solve that for them. We will demonstrate how, by applying the basics to understanding and recognizing the customers personality and the underlying motivation of their reason for business. We address the do’s and don’t of connecting with the customer.

    Master personality recognition.

    Probing questions for the personalities.

    Verbal and non-verbal buying signals.

Step 2 – Client Dynamic Development – three sessions

 Section 201- Selling to the Personalities- Tools for closing the sale that are not manipulative, tricky or theoretical. You will learn from seasoned sales professionals who have been applying these tools for decades to the benefit of the customer and themselves. Bring your AVERAGE closing rate into the 70% range where it should be!

  Section 202- What direction is YOUR staff desiring to move? Every Employee is heading in one of four directions, if you are a Sales Manager you need to know which direction that is, if YOU are the employed Professional you need to determine which direction YOU want to head! Using our toolset we will help you determine what direction you’re currently headed, and if needed help YOU change your direction and speed at YOUR best pace!

    Discover how to apply the 1- 5 close (and MANY others) to each personality style.

    We help YOU develop your own road map through the selling process in your most productive and profitable way.

 Step 3 - Private Group Phone Sales Training – two to four sections

     Instead of just TALKING about how to do it we walk you through it, on the phone wih YOUR toughest prospects. Turn your “projects” into prospects and your prospects into customers. All before you leave class!

     Group phone training will be customized to meet the needs of the client organization and delivered on-site at the time and location of the clients’ choice.

 301 – Phone Strategy Level 1 – You can jump in the deep end of the pool, but if you’re NOT prepared, you are going to sink or need a water wings. We walk you through the PROPER preparation of your material to best suit the needs of your contact and your process.

 302 - Telephone Success Session – EVERY sales person will make calls. This session is to continue the excitement and further hone skills. Future goals are defined.

     We are ready to help you create the future. Together we'll examine the where your organization is today. Next we'll identify what you want your organization to become as we tailor customized programs to insure your organizations success.