Jerome Hess Speaker, Author, Trainer, PhD.

Jerome has been a Self Employed Business Consultant for over 20 years, having focused on business development in the Healthcare, Technology, Banking and Real Estate Industries he has developed a unique training method that allows him to present material in a manner that leads to successful follow through in all of the best students in his classes.

Having pursued several Post Graduate Studies as well as Becoming a Certified Counselor by the CCC as well as recent studies into the areas of Human Behavior and Development have given him yet more tools to assist others in finding what it is the truly want, within themselves and their careers.

An award winning Speaker and Writer, Jerome repeatedly states that his most prestigious titles are that of Husband and Father.

Michele Hess, Speaker, Trainer, RN

Michele has been involved in Business development for over a decade. Showing an interest after her relocation to Central Florida she has shown an amazing ability to help clients through the more “people oriented” skillsets that we find we need to improve.

Whether it’s communication between Husband and Wife or how to properly ask your boss for a raise, Michele’s ability to infuse the ‘Behaviorally based perspective’ has often allowed her to direct clients through the maze of “political correctness” that often threatens to grind businesses to a halt!

Although her Post Secondary Education has allowed her to follow her dreams as a nurse and care giver, it is her ability to relate and teach that has truly touched those who come in contact with her. Whether it’s in a training class or during a Sunday Afternoon outing.

These are just two of the amazing roster of trainers that we work with, combined we offer hundreds of thousands of hours of professional training, online and in person.

Whatever you need we have or will find or design for you and your team.