Are You Looking for a way to use the skills you have to create an income stream?

In a Recently conducted Independent Survey through Florida we have found the following:

            Over 60% of Toastmasters Surveyed are business owners

            Of those Toastmasters who work for someone else, 90% are in a leadership position guiding other employees

            94% of Toastmasters responding would LIKE to be paid for their speaking skills

            Fewer than 20% are currently or have in the past ever been paid for speaking in public

            OVER 95% of the Toastmasters surveyed feel they have skills OTHER than what their primary job function allows the to use.

            90% of those responding feel that those skill sets have additional income producing value

                                            Numbers like THIS can only lead to ONE conclusion!

                                Obviously the members of our community who involve themselves in an organization so obviously directed at improving the                                 individual and their
                                available skills have a strong sense of belief that they have MORE to offer than what they may be using.

                                So lets ask THIS question: Toastmasters have skills that others don't that THEY feel are worth money.Every employer                                     surveyed agrees that the ability to make professional presentation is worth 20 - 30% MORE in an employees salary   

                                                                                            There are DOZENS if not HUNDREDS of industries that would benefit from this kind of application.Why Then,
                                                                                           is the money left on the table?

                                                                                             After all is said and done it all comes down to INFORMATION.

                                 Almost any industry and retail/wholesale and B2B company in the country is willing to PAY for that skill.

                                 The members are missing the information they need to make the connection between their skills and companies ability to PAY!

                                 Thats where True North Training Solutions comes into play, we not only have the information, but we have the curriculum needed for Toastmasters
                                 to move from WANTING to make money to actually bringing IN that money for their own use!

                                                 From now through June 6th 30% off all TNT Materials

                 BUT There is even MORE, the Trainers at True North are SO committed to helping
                      Toastmasters we are establishing a special series of HIGH INTENSITY workshops
                      specifically aimed at demonstrating how to use the Skill Sets that you have to generate
                      more income!
                      Never before has the ability for independent business people to come together for a
                      common goal in such a flexible manner.
                      There will be 2 types of sessions conducted, the first will be a more traditional series
                      of training classes, located throughout the TRI-County area, a small fee will be
                      required to recover materials costs for these 2 hour sessions.
                      Alternatively if you KNOW you have a group of 5 or more folks who KNOW that they
                      have the skill and need the KNOWLEDGE our Trainers are willing to train at your
                       office or meeting location.

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                       Allow US to help YOU get what YOU need in the time that YOU'RE willing to achieve it!
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