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Remote Control Management!
     As a Wise man once said - Set it, than FORGET IT!
     Put your teams on Remote Control
     Increase THEIR productivity while Reducing YOUR Stress!

   4 Hour Class - May 1, 2010

  If you own a business, or Manage a Team, let US show you how to BOOST your bottom line with the resourses you currently have!
                                     Through 20 years of research and development the Team from True North  has developed the cutting  edge solutions YOU need to reach and  EXCEED the                                      top of your industry!
                                     We will show you how to master and perfect the following:

                                      Sales Meetings and Corporate Presentations.
                                      Product Demonstrations and explanations
                                      Interviewing and using Team Dynamics and Human Behavior to mold the winning combination!

                                      The course is developed with your goals in mind.
                                      The classes are maintained small for more one-on-one interactions.

                                      After finishing this class you will find that you have the information you need to::