Unfortunately those SAME Statistics show that MARRIAGE is on the decline by almost the same amount If that doesn't signal a problem, than I don't think you are paying attention! In a recent survey when men were asked what THEY would like to see changed in their relationship here were their top 3 answers: 1) They want that same "feeling" as they had when they were dating 2) They want to feel their spouse/SI respects them 3) They want to feel less pressure at home Why would THESE answers be so surprising? Because each and every one of them points to one thing that these men have COMPLETE control over. We have the tool sets to help you alleviate some of the pressure when your at home. We will demonstrate the number ONE method that will allow your spouse to see you as the SUPER man she married! We can show you how to look at your wife and feel that "WOW" each and every time! Interestingly enough in SIMILAR surveys, when women were asked what THEY would change at home. Their top 3 answers were EQUALLY as informative: 1) They want to feel 'loved' 2) They want to feel "listened to" 3) They want to feel appreciated. See any similarities? In our casual 'classroom's' we have designed a curriculum that can be balanced to almost any group in almost any setting. Ideally we offer an intense 4 hour work group that allows couples to gather the tool sets they need to remind them of why they were interested in the first place! However we do also offer MODULAR sessions of 1, 2 ,4 and even our intense HIT1 of 8 hour sessions. Typically the HIT will be divided in 2 sessions divided either by a meal or on 2 separate days, but it can be built to accommodate. Although we do offer independent seminars and classes throughout Central Florida we can also come to you! If you have a small group or club that you would like to offer this session to, we will be more than happy to meet with your leadership and design somethings specific to your needs.