With True North Training Systems Professional curriculum, be it Sales Training,

Leadership Skills Professional Communication's or even Conflict Resolution,

you are approaching your challenge with a Team Centered approach.

Instead of focusing on a single individual or one aspect of an issue we will give you

a comprehensive system of resolutions that will offer everyone on the team the tools

they require to make the decisions that will benefit YOUR bottom line, every time!


In a more traditional but relaxed classroom environment with a strictly

NON traditional strategy, our team will work side by side with yours to find those

individual skills that make your team members unique.

Additionally we will develop a custom training regimen that will align with your teams

methods and demonstrate how these diverse individuals can work together for the greater good!


By far the Pinnacle of our training pyramid.

Once your teams have gone through any one or several of our professional curriculum's

there will be one or two individuals left standing just that much straighter and

taller than all the rest. Those will be the candidates for Executive Coaching.

Unlike many 'cookie cutter' or franchise 'Coaching' programs available today,

our Executive Coaching is performed on a strictly invitation only basis, and each

prospective candidate will be subject to our rigorous 250 question panel to determine

their eligibility. If you feel you or one of your team will qualify please contact us at: